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About Me


My Background

I grew up in Greenfield,Wisconsin and went to my local high school. I have family all over the state of Wisconsin, so I do a lot of traveling to see family. I live with my wonderful spouse and our dog.


My Favorite Things

I love to spend my time away from work with family and of course friends. I could not imagine living anywhere but Wisconsin, but I love to explore new places. I enjoy taking road trips. I range from being a typical tourist to going off the beaten path on adventures taking photographs every step of the way.  

 I would love to move out of the city, but jobs are few in the country.  


My Hobbies

When I'm not at work, I love being creative (crafts) and planning events with friends or family reunions. I am active in many outdoor recreational activities some of which are volleyball, camping, and snowmobiling.  In my free time I pursue my other passion photography,  that was encouraged by my grandmother whom I was very close to.